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Region Police 50th approaching.


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John Cookman  
Some Ont Regional Police forces have recently exited - or are entering for those formed in 1974 - their 50th Anniversary. Here is a list of those 50 years or more old and year of their creation. Sharing as a heads up to keep an eye out for any special 50th Anniversary insignia that they may produce. I have sadly not heard of anything being done by Peel or Halton to celebrate their half century mark with new insignia. Unsure of what the others may or may not be planning in 2024. Should you become aware of any new insignia issued for the 50th please share.
York Regional - 1971
Niagara Regional - 1971
Sudbury Regional - 1973
Waterloo Regional - 1973
Hamilton-Wentworth - 1974
Durham Regional - 1974
Peel Regional - 1974
Halton Regional - 1974
Haldimand-Norfolk - 1974 ( disbanded 1998 - OPP takeover )
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Speaking of 50th anniversary, I mentioned in a post at Christmas that there was an OPP Auxiliary member based out of Niagara Falls who is about to celebrate 50 years of service in February.

Brian Cosby joined the OPP Auxiliary in Feb. 1974, and is still active as a S/Sgt. unit commander of the Niagara Falls OPP Auxiliary.

Remarkable !!

I understand there is another OPP Auxiliary member in the Ottawa area who is now in his 51st year of service, although I don't have his name.

Brian Cosby and this other Auxiliary member are apparently the two most senior OPP Auxiliary members in the OPP.

I worked with a regular member of the OPP, Adrian Kruger in Orillia who has since retired.

He had 50 years of regular OPP service as a Constable, having joined in the spring of 1967.

Adrian Kruger only retired about 6 years ago, working out of the courts in Orillia.

Astonishing !!

I don't know of any other officers having served as long as Adrian Kruger.

I used to chuckle at new recruits in the OPP staring in wonder at his years of service badge on the sleeve of his patrol jacket..."40", "45", ect.

Bill Couldridge




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