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    RCMP ERT patches blue and white

    These are not RCMP issued patches.
  3. 2021 Waterloo Regional Police Collectors Show When: Saturday October 30, 2021 between 9am and 1pm Where: Waterloo Regional Police Association Building 1128 Rife Road, RR #2 Cambridge (North Dumfries), Ontario N1R 5S3 Host: Henry Gacparski Phone: (519) 632-7724 Email: kojak246@gmail.com
  4. Mayor Wade Mills YtSerapfsteoSrndsaoydrdStSi atsscle Sn9:fime3d7lm AM · STATEMENT FROM MAYOR WADE MILLS ON THE OPP TRANSITION February 18, 2021 Today at 12:00pm policing within the Town of Shelburne will officially and formally transition from the Shelburne Police Service to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). As Mayor, I am filled with mixed emotions as this transition marks both an historic end as well as an e
  5. source: http://shelburnefreepress.ca/?p=27315 Shelburne Police Service will transition to OPP on February 18, 2021 Written By Brian Lockhart It will be an historic day in the Town of Shelburne when the members of the Shelburne Police Service answer the roll call for the last time after 142 years of serving the community as a police unit. The original Shelburne Police Department was formed in 1879. Shelburne Town Council voted unanimously on July 15, 2020 in favour of disbanding the service and bringing in the Ontario Provincial Police to take over policing duties
  6. SPACE COAST PATCH SHOW-NEW LOCATION Titusville Florida The 34th Annual “Space Coast” Patch Show will be Saturday, January 30, 2021 at the North Brevard Senior Center, 909 Lane Ave., Titusville, FL. Steve and Karen Bridges host the show. This is your opportunity to buy-sell or trade law enforcement patches and badges, as well as other Police or Fire memorabilia. Seventy (70) tables are available for $25 each before December 31. After that tables will be $30. Early reservations are recommended because tables are offered on a “first come” basis. Each year the show is a sellout. Ple
  7. Chris Madsen

    Peter Kerr, NWMP & Toronto Police

    Peter Kerr's grave is in Section 42 Lot 198 of Mount Pleasant Cemetery. I will see if I can get a picture of it once winter is over, and the cemetery lifts the COVID restrictions.
  8. I recently bought these two RCMP ERT patches represented here from an overseas buyer. I could not see anything comparable on the gallery under RCMP, and was wondering about their authenticity. The coat of arms looks a little simplistic compared to other crests that have been authenticized. Would any member be able to give some advice. Still like the look of them. The closest on the Gallery were ca-rcmp police p-212, ca-rcmp police p-213, ca-rcmp police p-210
  9. The current NDP provincial government supported the move to a new City of Surrey police force and has reaffirmed its commitment to make that happen. The opposition Liberals campaigned on reversing that decision, in the provincial election last month, and lost: Surrey gets final approval from province for municipal police force | CBC News Surrey Police will replace RCMP, government confirms – Surrey Now-Leader BC Liberals promise to halt Surrey police transition, hold referendum | CTV News The RCMP and its allies continue to say that the national police force is the better
  10. The RCMP Officer-in-Charge of the Surrey detachment moved on to higher duties after an outburst at a Surrey Chamber of Commerce event in October 2019: Surrey RCMP top cop lashes out at critics during award ceremony speech | Watch News Videos Online (globalnews.ca) Chief Superintendent Brian Edwards, the new OIC Surrey detachment, has proven much more attuned to political imperatives and public sentiment about the transition to a new city police force: Surrey RCMP - Welcoming Chief Superintendent Brian Edwards (rcmp-grc.gc.ca) Chief Superintendent Brian Edwards is new Offi
  11. Sergeant Glen Fishbook and his ERT team received the award of valour, the highest given by the Province of British Columbia to police members for courage and exemplary service. Ministry of Justice Press Release 21 November 2013: RCMP Lower Mainland Emergency Response Team Sergeant Glen Fishbook and constables Mark Adrain, Chris Clemett, Adam Cormier, Bentley Fooks, Luke Johnston, James King, Angus MacLean and Alexis Richer – entered and searched a burning home where a gunman was holed up and three residents were missing. Awards honour B.C. police for valour, meritorious ser
  12. A helicopter pilot with the military's domestic counter-terrorism unit once told me it takes about five years of practice and training to become proficient in special operations work, especially over water. RCMP helicopter pilots do not get the same level of full-time specialized training in working with the ERT. They are mostly recruited from commercial pilots, and serve as special constables. JTF2 Recruiting Video | JTF2 CSOR CJIRU 427SQ HD - YouTube Many skills needed to pilot an RCMP helicopter | Royal Canadian Mounted Police (rcmp-grc.gc.ca) Of course, the assaulters get
  13. The RCMP took delivery of the new H145 helicopter from Airbus in December 2018, and it entered operational service at the end of the following summer. It is designated Air 5 and operates in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, out of Langley Regional Airport, predominantly: Airbus delivers Canada’s first H145 to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Helicopters - Airbus Royal Canadian Mounted Police First H145 (helis.com) RCMP Receives New State-of-the-Art Helicopter | COPA (copanational.org) RCMP unveil new chopper - BC News - Castanet.net The H145 is tactical helic
  14. The Navistar Defence Canada Tactical Armoured Vehicle (TAV), redesigned from the parent company's MXT model, in service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Lower Mainland Emergency Response Team - on display at the Abbotsford Air show. The total original contract was for 18 TAV at a cost of $14 million, or about $780,000 each. This four-wheel drive vehicle can carry a driver, an ERT team, and about a thousand pounds of equipment. The turret at the top allows 360 degree visibility and has gun ports for snipers. Navistar, Inc. - Navistar Defence Canada To Support Royal Canadian Mo
  15. Since the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority ended funding to the Waterfront Joint Forces Operation in late 2015, much of the burden for port policing has been thrown onto local municipality police forces, without additional funding or resources. The argument is that nearby municipalities collect taxes and grants in lieu of taxes from port activities, and they should be providing police services like other industrial and commercial concerns. This really ignores the scope of crime and criminal activity that is happening in Canada's major ports, in particular the largest Vancouver - smuggling of
  16. An independent report penned by former Supreme Court of Canada Justice Michel Bastarache titled The Broken Dreams Broken Lives and released on 19 November 2020, concluded that a toxic work environment is rampant throughout the RCMP. RCMP_Final-Report_Broken-Dreams.pdf (merlodavidson.ca) Never a good sign when the Prime Minister agrees: Trudeau reacts to independent report on RCMP's “toxic" environment (msn.com) Interesting to see the prime minister snub the RCMP representative in the receiving line during the Ottawa ceremonies on Rememberance Day, the week previous.
  17. City of Surrey announced last Friday that Norm Lipinski, from the Delta Police (deputy chief), will be the new chief of the municipal police force being stood up to take over from the RCMP. Surrey announces new police chief for municipal force taking over from RCMP | The Star Delta's Lipinski described as 'right leader' for new Surrey police force | Delta Optimist (delta-optimist.com) RCMP still seems to be in denial about the prospect of losing its largest detachment in Canada. Survey last August suggests only 14% of RCMP members in the municipality would transfer to a
  18. Airbus sales promotion for the new H145. H145 - Light twin - Airbus RCMP seems to be a happy customer, and no doubt will be buying more. It really is a much safer helicopter than the current single engine ones they are now using. In January 2012, an AS350 B3 helicopter and pilot, Dave Brolin, crashed out in Chilliwack training with the ERT, when snow got sucked into the air intakes and doused out the engine. It dropped 40 meters straight into the ground, from the so called "radius of death" when recovery from engine failure was near impossible. RCMP was just lucky no one else was
  19. A CPIC exclusive. The editors decided not to use this photograph in my Green is the New Black article. EC120B (Airbus H120) light utility helicopter belonging to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, at Langley airport Source: Chris Madsen I was there to get a picture of the H145, but they had already put it in the hangar. That new twin engine "traffic" helicopter just happens to carry 8 ERT members as well and a hook for fancy ninja work. The RCMP has an exemption from Transport Canada for its single engine helicopters to carry loads. But I would not want to be ha
  20. The RCMP intends to procure more tactical armoured vehicles, to add to its existing fleet: RCMP plan to buy more armoured vehicles amid new scrutiny over policing tactics - iPolitics The older ones are now getting on in years, and they have proven extremely useful. Had an opportunity to sit in one at the Abbotsford Airshow two years ago. Spent far too much time talking to the ERT Sergeant manning the table, while my son donned the new body armour and helmet. The RCMP special constable pilot at the helicopter next door would not believe me when I told him that the City of Surrey wa
  21. A very interesting graduate thesis on police tactical units in several larger Canadian cities, and the question of police militarization in Canada: Bryce Jenkins, "Canadian Police Tactical Units: The Normalization of Police Militarization or a Pragmatic Response to High-Risk Calls", MA, Carleton University, Ottawa jenkins-canadianpolicetacticalunitsthenormalization.pdf (carleton.ca) It is based on empirical research and interviews and questionnaires conducted with police officers. The conclusion challenges some of the claims made by Kevin Walby and Brendan Roziere in the Calgar
  22. Here is an active link that will take you to "Green is the New Black: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Militarisation of Policing in Canada", Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies https://sjms.nu/articles/10.31374/sjms.42/#
  23. New academic article on the RCMP and militarization of policing in Canada: https://sjms.nu/articles/10.31374/sjms.42/#
  24. This is the exciting life story of frontier and city policing that spanned over 50 yrs and two centuries. Peter Kerr was born in Toronto in 1864, his father farmed land plots at the "commons " the site of the old Ford Hotel, Edward and Bay St. In 1882, at 18yrs old working as a bookbinder and looking for adventure Peter joined the Northwest Mounted Police. He was assigned to Fort McLeod, then to several outpost one being Beaver House which contained 30 cells, a court room, mess hall and mens barricks. He became an excellent horseman and sharpshooter. In 1885 he fought/policed in the Northwes
  25. bobpyefinch

    Dryden Police OPP Costings:

    ‘It’s unbelievable,’ councillor on Dryden’s OPP Costing Category: Local News Published: Wednesday, 30 September 2020 20:00 Written by Ryan Forbes Councillor Shayne MacKinnon says he was ‘floored’ to see Mayor Greg Wilson’s Notice of Motion to add OPP Costing onto council’s agenda in October, after the OPP’s original proposal was shot-down in 2019. He believes the move could be related to a recent contract negotiation with the police union. Councillors with the City of Dryden are set to discuss and vote on potentially pursuing a second OPP Costin
  26. Detroit-Area Police and Fire Collectors Show & Exhibit SATURDAY, April 10, 2020 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Police & Fire Badges, Patches and Memorabilia Uniforms and Restraints Unique and Prize Winning Collections and Displays Where: UFCW Union Hall 876 Horrace Brown Drive, Madison Heights MI (13 Mile and I-75) Admission: Adults $5.00, Children 12 and Under Free! • Hourly Door Prizes • Display Awards • Patch Drop Box Drawing • IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ ADMISSION - This is a “closed” show. You must be a known collector or have valid police / f
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