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  2. ahp309

    Sunset Point Alberta

    Back in the early 1980's I was a Special Constable at the Summer Village of Seba Beach. The Summer Village of Silver Sands Special Constable and I used to meet up with the Summer Village of Alberta Beach Special Constable who also patrolled Sunset Point, as they are adjoining. I remember him mentioning that Sunset Point had a village constable at some point in the 1970's but I can't confirm any patches. The Alberta Beach Museum http://albertabeachmuseum.ca/ might be able to shed some light on the mystery. Just a little history......these were the patches we had back then:
  3. I use to have the book he sent me a signed copy years ago but not sure where it may be packed away. He was a member of our club for many years.
  4. Lenny was my grandfather. I seen a copy of his book for sale on Amazon. Hope that helps you out a little.
  5. scottboa

    Canadian Postal Security

    I think that the badge may be much newer than that. I got a blue patch that looks similar in the mid 1990s from the lead postal inspector for western Ontario in London in the mid 1990s. Scott Boa Ingersoll, Ontario
  6. scottboa

    Subdued Patches

    I get my subdued patches (and most of my patches) directly from the police chiefs. That way, I can be sure the patch is authentic, and not one of the pathetic fakes. Along with the patches, I also collect "patch histories" with them, which is why I keep all emails from the various chiefs and unit commanders. On occasion, I also find out about fakes. For example, Chief of Police Glenn Lickers, of the Six Nations Police Service in Ontario, told me via email, that the subdued green version of their patch is a FAKE. It was never authorized by him. He has been chief since they were first formed. There were rumours that the subdued green patches were ordered by their K9 Unit, but never picked up. According to Chief Lickers, this is FALSE. Scott Boa Ingersoll, Ontario
  7. Guest

    Canadian Postal Security

    I was able to find a much newer version, probably from this century, with the current CP logo on it. link to the newer version, photo. https://www.pinterest.ch/pin/363806476125743017 The old one probably dates from before 1970, given the style of the crown. JimB.
  8. mikestoltz

    2019 Calgary Show Photos

    Thanks very much to everyone who came out yesterday and supported the first Calgary Police Collectors Show hosted by the International Police Association (IPA) Calgary Region. Alex Brann and his IPA team did a great job hosting the event – and it was sure nice to see so many folks from all parts of Alberta travel some distance to enjoy a fun day of adding to collections. The turnout was impressive – lots of tables book were booked and a there was a steady flow of walk-in collectors. This is a sure sign that the hobby is strong in Alberta and changing a date at the last minute will not stop police collectors on a mission! The next Alberta show will be hosted by the IPA Edmonton Region on Saturday May 2nd, and we hope to see everyone there. Reminders will come out closer to the date. Regards, Phil Bailey Photos: https://www.facebook.com/pg/CanadianPoliceInsigniaCollectorsAssociation/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2422944114606950
  9. Simcoe County Police-EMS-Fire Collectors Meetup Saturday July 11, 2020, 8:30am to 12:30pm Location: Stroud Innisfil Community Centre, 7883 Yonge St, Innisfil, Ontario Please contact Josh Thomas for more information joshthomas03@gmail.com Tables: $10, Admission: $3
  10. mikestoltz

    Montreal Area Police Collectors Show

    Montreal Area Police-Fire-EMS Collectibles Show Champlain College Saint-Lambert 900 Rue Riverside, Saint-Lambert, Quebec Saturday October 26, 2019 9:00 - 15:00 Badges, Patches, Pins & Other Memorabilia Entrance: $5 per person Table Rental: $10 each (includes shows entrance) General Public Welcome For more information, please contact Wayne Lord (ret-RCMP) at waynelord@videotron.ca
  11. https://www.sootoday.com/great-stories/sault-constable-retires-for-a-second-time-after-50-year-career-1668809?fbclid=IwAR0IW2nLw_YNsvu4Ksj4DM-VRaiXM-FKkBNvQRUUaPLOKqzEVX0fwjqEP1Y
  12. Is this badge worn by officers associated with and or part of the Canadian Postal Inspectors?
  13. I found this interesting information in an old book my father had from the mid 1960's. Submitted by John Hackett
  14. Sault Ste. Marie Police Services Board names new chief Sault Ste. Marie News Brief June 13, 2018 The Sault Ste. Marie Police Services Board is pleased to announced the hiring of Hugh Stevenson as the next chief of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service (SSMPS).Chief Designate Stevenson is an experienced policing veteran with more than 31 years of service with the Peel Regional Police Service and the Ontario Provincial Police. His career began with Peel Regional Police in 1987, where he performed a variety of duties including street patrol and investigative duties. In 1994, he joined the OPP as a constable.Chief Designate Stevenson achieved his Commission in the OPP as First Nations negotiator and served as the deputy director of the OPP Intelligence Bureau. Most recently, he served as director of the Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario, where he was responsible for the operation of the Provincial Bureau, Intelligence Analytics, Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario funded Joint Force Operations and Intelligence Undercover training.Chief Designate Stevenson has a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree in Criminology from Carleton University, with a double major in Law and Psychology. He went on to complete a Master of Arts degree and a Doctorate of Education at the University of Toronto. In addition to his policing experience, Chief Designate Stevenson has held several instructor positions at post-secondary institutions in Ontario."I am absolutely humbled and excited to be chosen as the next chief of police for the SSMPS," said Chief Designate Stevenson. "The SSMPS will continue to promote personal safety and public safety through enforcement, prevention, education, and community engagement."Chief Designate Stevenson will replace outgoing Chief Robert Keetch. The SSMPS Board wishes to thank Chief Keetch for his service and wishes him all the best."We are excited to have Hugh Stevenson join the SSMPS as the next chief of police," said Donna Hilsinger, SSMPS Board Chair. "We feel Hugh's extensive education and experience will bring great leadership to our Service and for our community.""I want to welcome Chief Designate Stevenson to our community and our police service," said Mayor Provenzano. "He brings a tremendous amount of experience and expertise, and I am confident that his leadership will be beneficial to our service."Chief Designate Stevenson will assume his duties as chief of police on June 15 and he will be formally sworn in as chief on June 25 immediately prior to the City Council meeting.
  15. bobpyefinch

    CPICA Facebook

    Drew can you send a friend request to the facebook CPICA site? I do not see you linked to it yet?
  16. mikestoltz

    CPICA Facebook

    Hi Drew, We use the Facebook forum to announce Collector Events and post photos from those events. Communication between members can be found on the www.CPICA.ca in the discussion forums (similar to your posting here). https://cpica.ca/forum/30-general-discussion/ https://cpica.ca/forum/7-police-patches-wanted-for-trade/ https://cpica.ca/forum/8-police-badges-wanted-for-trade/ Regards, Mike Stoltz
  17. Drew Carter

    CPICA Facebook

    How do members post, communicate via the Facebook page? Every time I try to post, like other Facebook pages....Nothing!
  18. Drew Carter

    2019 Ottawa Show

    I just got back from attending the 2019 National Police Collectors Show, in Texas. While there were some Canadian patches, I did not see any Canadian cap badges. However, I did have the pleasure of meeting three Canadian collectors/vendors who were a wealth of information and, of note, highly recommended the upcoming Ottawa, Police Memorial Collectors Show on 28th of September.
  19. mikestoltz

    Clinton Tennessee Police Collectors Show

  20. Lexington, South Carolina 1st Responders Patch & Collections Show Date: Saturday September 21, 2019 Time: 9:00am to 3:00pm Where: Red Bank Baptist Church Family Life Building 1357 S. Lake Drive / Community Drive Lexington, South Carolina 29073 Host: Fred Dale Phone: 803-553-1797 Email: fdale_1978@yahoo.com Vendor Fee: $15 Show Admission: Free
  21. Bloomington, Indiana Law Enforcement Patch Collectors Show Date: Saturday August 17, 2019 Time: 11:30am - 6:30pm Location: St. Paul United Methodist Churst 4201 W. 3rd Street Bloomington Indiana 47404 Admission: Free. No cost for tables. Donations gladly accepted for use of the church. Host: Kyle Landgrebe Phone: (812) 360-7641
  22. Drew Carter

    Unknown Cap Badge

    Thanks for your constructive feedback. I was hoping it may have been Canadian, but agree with your assessment...Probably south of the boarder! 😞
  23. mikestoltz

    Gateway Police Collector Show (St. Louis)

  24. RetiredPeeler

    Unknown Cap Badge

    A generic hat badge like this is hard to pin down to a specific department. Although for me personally, I have not seen one with Police on the bottom panel like that used by a Canadian Department. I stashed to be corrected but that’s my 2 cents worth.
  25. Drew Carter

    Unknown Cap Badge

    Any idea of the origin of this cap badge.....Canadian?
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