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    René R.Rhéaume

    Mystery Badge - H.T.S. Police

    hello Steve. spent few hours last night, and this evening exploring possibilities to identify HTS Constable badge. hoping presenting some facts , other members may add, or identify the badges. researched mining companies associated with railway companies. your badge is fairly old. In northern Ontario mining companies with letter " H" in the past included Hollinger mines in Timmins, Hemlo etc ....Lot of this gold produce were shipped by railroad. would look into the history of Ontario Northland Railway .....used to be called Temiskaming Northern Ontario Railway. many landmarks were name after Hollinger. other train station around gold mine communities such as Hearst, Haileybury, near Holtyre. Hollinger and Mcintyre became partners in the mining sector. Ramore had a mine, however not far from it a community needed a name. Partners decided to take each part of their names Hol/ tyre and it became Holtyre. Ramore and Holtyre needed policing not only to protect the gold being shipped. American Air Force had a radar base situated there. many US citizen lived in Ramore and Holtyre. eventually the Canadian Air Force took over, eventually dismantled. with the importance this is why i am considering H...Train Stations. maybe a possibility . Could it also be Highway Traffic Section..... hoping someone can verify the origin of your badge