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William Scully Flyer


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Early pre 1953 

William Scully Brochure Pg2.jpg

William Scully Brochure Pg3.jpg

William Scully Brochure Pg4.jpg

William Scully Brochure Pg1.jpg

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Really like the "bullet-proof" vest advertisement on page 2.  At 17 pounds weight, no wonder they all had bad backs after years of service.  Body armour was not really approaching "bullet-proof" until the 1970s and the introduction of 15 layer armour.  Also depended on the caliber and velocity of the bullet (not to mention hollow-point which was also becoming fashionable with criminals in the 1970s and 1980s).  But I guess it was better than nothing and the alternative.

Most coverage protection seems to be in the front and back, but the area over the heart and several other internal organs seems to be on the light side. 

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