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I have just got off the phone with eBay.

They pulled all my badges, both Police & Military irrespective of age (I had some going back to Victorian times) and suspended my account.

They are now strictly enforcing their policy about selling anything Police (and they include military) insignia.      No one is going to be allowed to sell any badges!   

Looks like I was one of the first to fall.  When I questioned them as to why other badges were still up, I was told they will eventually stop everyone.   That in a month or two you will very little items like this listed.

I asked them if they knew what kind of bad publicity and outcry there would be and I was told they were ready for it and they didn't care.

Their advise - go find another platform to sell on!

This quiet earth shattering for badge collectors (and sellers) to say the least.     Guess if anyone holds shares in eBay, now is the time to sell!


Dave Cushworth


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Thanks for advising us of this Dave.

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