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Orangeville Police Costings


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  This article shows the only provided answer as to why the local Orangeville Police Board does not want to go with the OPP is fear of loosing some control of policing in their community. ..  I always wonder why small town Police Board members fear the loss of  control ( or should we say the ability to manipulate/interfere ? ) with the existing town Police Force?

The Orangeville front line Officers appear to want a OPP takeover, the  town treasurer says as much as $4.5 million will be saved per year starting in Year Four of OPP policing, and I am certain the tax payers will welcome no longer having to overpay so much for policing using their current force.

So putting this all together, what sort of control exists over a local town police force that is worth an extra 4.5 million a year to the Orangeville Police Board members? 

I think the writing is on the wall in that the OPP is successfully policing 323 municipalities, regionalization of police forces  from the 1970's onward also dissolved many more small town police forces - did all these  hundreds of towns  suffer - and continue to suffer - due to policing decisions and control being taken away from the local town politicians ? - or does the policing system not become more efficient, and have more integrity in it - when local politicians are not running the town police force?

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