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Ontario Food Terminal Police

Rob Martin


Any one know if the Ontario Food Terminal Police are Provincial Offences Officers or 'Police' as defined by the Ontario Police Services Act? Any history would be appreciated

Rob Martin

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Definitely not under the Police Services Act.  Their "Constables" are appointed by the Board of the Ontario Food Terminal under Regulation 872 of the Ontario Food Terminal Act which also dictates the operation of vehicles, parking, etc.

Ontario Food Terminal Act

Loi sur le Marché des produits alimentaires de l’Ontario

R.R.O. 1990, REGULATION 872


Consolidation Period:  From January 1, 2008 to the e-Laws currency date.

Last amendment: 568/07.


This Regulation is made in English only.


1. In this Regulation,

“buyer” means a person, other than a wholesaler, who buys fruit and produce from a wholesaler and includes an employee or agent acting on behalf of such a person;

“buyers’ court” means the court-yard of the Food Terminal Building;

“cold-storage section” means that part of the Food Terminal Building used for cold storage purposes;

“Farmers’ Market” means that part of the Terminal where growers of or dealers in fruit and produce sell by wholesale to retailers and jobbers;

“Food Terminal Building” means the building at the Terminal that is used for the handling, processing, storing and selling by wholesale, of fruit and produce;

“holiday” means New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, the first Monday in August, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and the 26th day of December;

“officer” means,

(a) an officer, constable or other person appointed by the manager, subject to the approval of the Board, to enforce this Regulation,

(b) a member of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force, and

(c) a member of the Ontario Provincial Police Force;


Schedule 71 of the same Regulation also lists the set fines under the Ontario Food Terminal Act which would lead me to believe they are Provincial Offences Officers:

Regulation 872 of Revised Regulations of Ontario, 1990 under the Ontario Food Terminal Act
Item Offence Section Set Fine
1. Driving vehicle in excess of  15 km per hour 3 $50.00
2. Causing vehicle to be driven  in excess of 15 km per hour 3 $50.00
3. Failing to obey traffic sign 4(1)(a) $50.00
4. Failing to obey road markings 4(1)(b) $50.00
5. Failing to obey stop sign 4(2) $50.00
6. Failing to obey officer’s  traffic direction 6(2) $50.00
7. Operating bicycle in prohibited area 7 $50.00
8. Operating vehicle in prohibited area 7 $50.00
9. Obstructing traffic 8 $50.00
10. Failing to obey officer’s  traffic direction 9 $50.00
11. Operating vehicle without  driver’s licence 10 $50.00
12. Careless driving 11 $50.00
13. Driving unsafe vehicle 12(a) $50.00
14. Causing unsafe vehicle to be  driven 12(a) $50.00
15. Driving unlicensed vehicle 12(b) $50.00
16. Causing unlicensed vehicle to  be driven 12(b) $50.00
17. Transferring fruit or produce  outside Farmers’ Market section 14(4) $50.00
18. Transferring fruit or produce  in buyer’s court during  prohibited hours 14(5) $50.00
19. Failing to report accident 15 $50.00
20. Selling fruit or produce other  than by wholesale 16 $50.00
21. Unauthorized selling of goods 17 $50.00
22. Unlawful selling of goods 18 $50.00
23. Entering into (designate place)  during prohibited hours 20(1) $50.00
24. Releasing fruit or produce from  cold storage 22 $50.00
25. Delivering fruit or produce  during prohibited hours 23(1) $50.00
26. Receiving fruit or produce from  prohibited vehicle 24 $50.00
27. Unauthorized entry from Parklawn Road 25 $50.00
28. Unauthorized entry from  Queensway 26 $50.00
29. Damaging property 27(1) $50.00
30. Misusing public area ofFood TerminalBuilding 27(2)(a) $50.00
31. Creating a nuisance 27(2)(b) $50.00
32. Removing barricade or traffic  sign 27(2)(c) $50.00
33. Damaging barricade or traffic  sign 27(2)(c) $50.00
34. Interfering with barricade or  traffic sign 27(2)(c) $50.00
35. Climbing fence 27(2)(d) $50.00
36. Removing fence 27(2)(d) $50.00
37. Damaging fence 27(2)(d) $50.00
38. Interfering with use of gate 27(2)(e) $50.00
39. Interfering with use of lock 27(2)(e) $50.00
40. Interfering with use of equipment 27(2)(e) $50.00
41. Interfering with use of supplies 27(2)(e) $50.00
42. Dumping garbage 27(3)(a) $50.00
43. Causing garbage to be dumped 27(3)(a) $50.00
44. Littering 27(3)(b) $50.00
45. Permitting animal in terminal 27(4) $50.00
46. Permitting unsanitary conditions 29 $50.00
47. Maintaining equipment with steel  or iron wheels onFoodTerminal Buildingdocks or floors 30(a) $50.00
48. Operating equipment with steel or  iron wheels onFoodTerminal Buildingdocks or floors 30(a) $50.00
49. Allowing equipment with steel or iron wheels to be operated onFoodTerminalBuildingdocks or floors 30(a) $50.00
50. Maintaining damaging equipment 30(b) $50.00
51. Operating damaging equipment 30(b) $50.00
52. Allowing damaging equipment to be operated 30(b) $50.00
53. Using docks ofFoodTerminal Buildingfor storage 31 $50.00
54. Using docks or buyers’ court for  storage 32 $50.00
55. Keeping for sale merchandise in  prohibited area 33 $50.00
56. Displaying merchandise in  prohibited area 33 $50.00


I also found this picture from 1982 of the Chief on bicycle patrol



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Thanks again Ken... their patches include the word "POLICE" but as you indicate this a misnomer. I believe they are Provincial Offences Officers.



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I wonder if he makes his own "PEPPER SPRAY"??????

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