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Vintage Emergency Lighting

Rob MacInnis


Hi all, Does anyone know of any collectors of emergency lighting or an association. I am trying to locate vintage lighting from 1985. Cheers.

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Hi Rob,

I stumbled across an American forum a number of years ago, it might be worth looking into (the quote is from the website).




My name is John Marcson, I founded eLightbars in 1997 as a single page forum devoted emergency warning lights. I was getting involved in emergency services at the time, and I continue to work full time as a paramedic. My interest in emergency services has expanded and grown a lot since then. The site has grown too, but the focus has remained the same; the exchange of emergency warning equipment and information pertaining to the same.

One of the first improvements to the site in 1999 was the splitting it into two pages, one for sales one for technical discussions. While there are many more pages now, they still tend to fall into the two basic categories of sales or information.

Looking to buy or sell equipment? New items are available direct from dealers and manufacturers in the dealer and manufacturer dedicated forums as well as the storefronts section. Registered users can post new and used items for sale or list items as wanted in free postings in the classified sections.

Looking for information? The teach discussions, knowledge base and media areas are full of existing documented and live resources. Users can also take their questions straight to the manufacturer in manufacturer direct sections.

Are you a dealer or manufacturer in the industry? eLightbars has many options to help you reach your customers. Dedicated sections are available to both end dealers and manufacturers.

Welcome to the site, and enjoy.
John Marcson


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Thanks Ken and thanks to Steve (emailed me) for the info. I think I have what I need!

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