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    US National Police Collector's Show The National Police Collectors Show is renowned as the foremost event each year for police collectors to share their memorabilia, trade, sell and display collections that include all types of First Responder badges patches and other items. We want every National Police Collectors Show to be the premier annual law enforcement collecting event, no matter where it is held. All of us have made numerous friends in this hobby and many times only get to see those friends once a year at the National Shows. Help us keep these friendships, as well as the National Shows, alive and well. We encourage you to spread the word of this hobby throughout the law enforcement community, especially to the younger officers who do not seem as prevalent at these shows as they used to be. For this hobby to survive we need to get others interested in collecting and to find those collectors who don’t know about these shows and get them there. Not only do we need collectors to reserve tables, but we also need plenty of walk through traffic. The only way for this to happen is to get the word out. This responsibility rests on every collector who attends these shows, not just the show hosts. Location: St. Charles, Missouri Friday October 22, 2021 12pm - 6pm (available to registered table holders and assistants) Reception at 7pm - 10pm Saturday October 23, 2021 9am - 5pm (doors open at 8am for table holders) Sunday October 24, 2021 9am - 2pm (doors open at 8am for table holders) Awards ceremony at 11am Your 2021 Hosts Don Magruder email: npcs2021@gmx.com address: NPCs, 1220 Wesley Lane, Indianoloa, IA 50125 phone: 314-882-9344 Frank Selvaggio Bob Shockey Table Holder Registration 260 Tables are available. Table cost is $90 per table. Price includes chairs, table, and general admission https://national-police-collectors-show.com/table-info/ General Admission Donations will be accepted at the door to help cover administration costs Questions: contact us at https://national-police-collectors-show.com/contact-us/ Website: https://national-police-collectors-show.com/contact-us/
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