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Found 2 results

  1. Just received an interesting tidbit of information from an informal ATIP request from the RCMP giving comparative operating costs for the new Airbus H145 helicopter and the older AS350-B3 model on an hourly flight hour basis, charged out during the Fairy Creek enforcement on Vancouver Island during June 2021: Airbus H145 on standby: $105/hour (crew); in air: $3,049/hour (capital cost & maintenance) + $420/hour (fuel) + $105/hour (crew) = $3,574/flight hour Airbus H125 (Eurocopter AS350-B3) on standby: $105/hour (crew); in air: $1,099/hour (capital cost + maintenance) + $200/hour (fuel) + $105/hour (crew) = $1,405/flight hour Although the air crew costs are fixed for both machines, the new H145 appears to cost more than double to operate on a per flight hour basis, as a larger twin-engine helicopter compared to the single engine H125. Only police forces in British Columbia and Quebec currently operate the H145. This is an important consideration for other police forces considering acquiring the capable and Transport Canada compliant H145 from Airbus. Forgot to mention. Expected operating lifecycle for both helicopters is 18 years. C-FDJB | Airbus Helicopters H145 | Canada - Royal Canadian Mounted Police | CJMAviation | JetPhotos AS350 B3 RCMP - Airbus Helicopters Canada
  2. Incredible number and variety of patches amongst the police engaged in the operations to clear the streets of downtown Ottawa today. Really shows the importance of patches and insignia as an identifying means in these public order operations. Police from all sorts of services working together and doing an outstanding job as trained professionals. Very rare to see in Canada.
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