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  • The Canadian Police Insignia Collectors Association
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Found 6 results

  1. mikestoltz

    Follow us on Facebook

    Be sure to check out our Facebook Forum. Search for "Canadian Police Insignia Collectors Association". This is where we post all the photos from the various events held across Canada. These meeting events are an opportunity to get out and meet and trade/buy/sell with other collectors. There are usually 20-30 tables setup at each event with a variety of patches, badges, pins, hats, uniforms, books, magazines and other collectibles to scan through. You never know what you're going to find so be sure to schedule the date of your nearest event this year.
  2. CPICA Website Statistics 2015-12 (Dec) View File CPICA Website Statistics 2015-12 (Dec) Submitter mikestoltz Submitted 01/02/2016 Category 2015 Statistics
  3. CPICA Website Statistics 2015-11 (Nov) View File 2015-11 (Nov) Web site statistics Submitter mikestoltz Submitted 12/06/2015 Category 2015 Statistics
  4. CPICA Website Statistics 2015-10 (Oct) View File ... CPICA Web Site Statistics 2015-10 (Oct).pdf Submitter mikestoltz Submitted 11/08/2015 Category 2015 Statistics
  5. CPICA Website Statistics 2015-09 (Sep) View File 2015-09 (Sep) Web Site Statistics Submitter admin Submitted 10/15/2015 Category 2015 Statistics
  6. CPICA Website Statistics 2015-08 (Aug) View File CPICA Website Statistics 2015-08 (Aug) Submitter admin Submitted 09/02/2015 Category 2015 Statistics
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