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Found 3 results

  1. https://www.kingstonpolice.ca/news-events/news-releases/newly-designed-badges-for-kingston-police/?utm_content=buffer5999c&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  2. Hello - Can anyone positively identify what Police force this pin marked "O.P.D. Police Clerk " with the marking " J.J.J. " on its reverse is from. The item is .75" in diameter. Thank you, John Cookman
  3. Rob MacInnis


    Hey all, This was posted by a friend of mine in Minnesota. Please keep your eyes open on the auction sites for this badge. It should stand out as a named badge. REWARD! REWARD! PLEASE READ. On March 28th 2016 a person(s) entered my home while I was at work and stole several items. Among the items stolen was my SHERIFFS BADGE that I wore during my years of service as a Beltrami County Deputy Sheriff in the state of Minnesota. It is a gold colored star with my name on it, (S. Rankin) and Beltrami County. I am offering a REWARD for its return or information leading to its recovery. PLEASE. If anyone has any information as to its location, PLEASE contact me by phone 6517030981 or private massage on facebook. If you wish to remain anonymous, PLEASE contact the Rosemount Minnesota police department. There will be NO QUESTIONS asked if/when returned. In addition, I will not pursue any further legal action pertaining to the theft/burglary if or when it is returned. PLEASE help if you can. PLEASE. I can not express what the badge means to me or what it would be like to have it back. THANK YOU!! Steve