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    Josh Thomas

    Cambridge Show - Doug is hosting the show on June 17... who's attending?

    My dad and i will be there
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    Subdued Patches

    Hi: I noticed that subdued patches are becoming increasingly popular. Some departments, depending on the units, have a wide variety of them in several colour variations such as white, gray, blue, green and gray on black. Does anyone have any tips or advice as to what we should look for when purchasing subdued patches, specifically from Ontario and Québec? Thanks Gerry
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    Subdued Patches

    Thanks for the information Mike. Gerry
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    Peel Regional Police Show Saturday April 29 2017 - Who's going?

    See you there Mike with the Essex County Contingent!! Picking up Andrew Brooks (Tall OPP Essex Fellow) and Randall Glenn (Retired Customs guy)
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    Subdued Patches

    Hi: I posed your question to the Administrator of the site Bob Pyefinch and he indicated: We mark any know or fake patches on the site. In the future we plan to add more know fake or repro patches to the site and encourage our members to submit fake and repro patches so we can share this information with other members. I hope that this is helpful. Gerry
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    Subdued Patches

    How does CPICA determine that patches that are posted in the gallery are authentic and not reproductions or fakes? Are there any specific criteria which we can also use to determine the authenticity of items in our own collections? Can we compare our own patches against CPICA's images and make any kind of reliable determination as to authenticity on that basis alone, or do we need additional information (such as what is the backing material, etc.)? I have several subdued patches from Montreal, Vancouver and elsewhere which look authentic but how can I really know? Sometimes spotting differences can be attributed to different lots issued over time and they still represent authentic patches. eBay has made it easier to collect hard to get items, but it also has introduced a lot of fakes and reproductions. So determining authenticity is an essential art or skill we need to develop and possess. Would it be possible to flesh this topic out more to the benefit of all of us who are interested in this information?
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    Ken Sabo

    Toronto police launch investigation into badges for sale on eBay

    Exactly!!! When I notice that a police service has issued a new style of flash I usually write a letter requesting a white one and a gold one. In my letter I explicitly state that the patches are for my collection and will NOT be put on eBay or otherwise sold or traded away. That worked well for me a couple of months ago when Chatham-Kent sent me white, gold, plus all three different subdueds :-)
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    Graham Chatfield

    Toronto police launch investigation into badges for sale on eBay

    Thanks for the update Erik
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    Toronto police launch investigation into badges for sale on eBay

    I had those badges in my possession. I sold them ton an OPP officer ''for his collection'' and he ended up putting them for sale on Ebay. When I asked him why he did that, he never came back to me. Next thing I know Toronto police is all over looking for them. As advised by CPICA I gave them my side of the story. I have no update other than that. What really gets to me is that I buy and sell badges to be able to grow my collection. When I sell or trade a badge with someone, I don't expect them to post them up on Ebay. In my book that is the number one rule of collecting. The buyer is a police officer too.. If he had kept them in his collection like I thought he agreed to do... if he did, none of this would have happened.
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    Prairie Law Dog

    Auxillary Police patch... any ID?

    Anyone have any idea where this patch is from? www.prairie-law-dog.fotki.com
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    Traffic Homicide Investigator Patch

    This tab design seems to have begun with the Florida Highway Patrol, at least in Florida Their patch reads the same as yours but the colors are the traditional FHP colors of orange & blue. Many other law enforcement agencies copied this concept. The patch you have most likely belongs to an agency whose regular shoulder patch is in the same colors as your patch. Unfortunately I do not know what agency.
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    Owen Sound looking at OPP policing costs .vs. maintaining their own department. http://www.owensoundsuntimes.com/2016/01/12/owen-sound-seeking-opp-costing
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    René Rhéaume

    Warning: Sending Items to Germany - Theft and Loss Rampant!!

    sorry to hear about your loss John. about 2 years ago. fellow mailed an " Opp Corporal Retired" badge. mailed from southern east of Ontario. The envelop had a rip in top corner.... no badge. Attempts were made to track but no avail. i was fortunate the fellow sent my money back....however rather have the badge!
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    Recent repos of Heinz Hachenberg

    Version 1.0.0


    The images shown are of patches that were admitted reproductions by Heinz, when asked not to. It shows the difference between the real parch and the repo
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    Classic, One Councillor with an agenda. Owen Sound now dispatches Hanover, West Grey, Wingham and Saugeen Shores. What will happen to them? Actually the dispatch generates revenue for OSPS so if they go OPP they will lose that. I hope they come to their senses.
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    Ont MNR became Ont MNR & F in 2014

    Meant to post this much sooner but may still be news to some. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources changed their name in 2014 to now be the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry.......Only patches I am aware of issued as of yet that reflects this name change are the 2015 series of hunting patches they issued last Fall. So just a heads up to expect/need to collect all over again once available their Conservation Officer, Park Warden etc patches with the new Ministry name on them as I assume they will eventually come out with. Thank you, John Cookman
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    René Rhéaume

    West Bay Police

    Joe, just to let you know i live about 2 hours away. West Bay is served by UCCM ( United Chief Councils Members) Anishnaabe Police Service. The UCCM Police cover 6 first nation communities. Manitou Island consist of a big area for an island (look at a map). 2 other police services are provided to the rest of the island; The Provincial Police and the Wikwemikong Police Service.
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    Joe Robertson

    West Bay Police

    oh ok. Thanks Ken Joe
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    Ken Sabo

    West Bay Police

    It's the former name of a First Nations service on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, now known as M'Chigeeng First Nation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M'Chigeeng_First_Nation
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    Subdued Patches

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    Subdued Patches

    Please send me your email. It will be easier for me to send you some photos. Oups, mine is lavlev@videotron.ca
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    Subdued Patches

    Hi, Thank you for the information and yes I would very much appreciate any assistance and images that you have of the Laval patches. Thanks Gerry
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    Subdued Patches

    If interested, I can help you with Laval and have all images of real patches.
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    Subdued Patches

    Really difficult to say, but Montréal, Laval, Deux-Montagnes a lot of tribals from Québec have a lot of fake subdued patches. Easier to contact a collector from the dept.
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    two military patches- need history of each

    403 (City of Calgary) Hel OTS (Helicopter Operational Training Squadron) stationed at CFB Gagetown currently operates the CH-146 Griffon in the operational training role.